Main activities

Dr. Andreas Schreiber

Public Auditor

Tax Adviser

Karl-Heinz Klinner

Public Auditor

Tax Adviser

Timo Meins

Tax Adviser





Audits of annual financial statements


Group audits


Formation audits and audits of non-cash capital contribution


Special audits


Peer Review



Financial due diligence


Tax advice




Business taxes


Personal income taxes


Inheritance taxes


Statuary provisions relating to the preparation of tax balance sheets


Reorganisation of enterprises
(business succession, mergers and acquisitions, asset deals, share deals)



Voluntary admission of tax evasion


Tax due diligence



Business consulting




Preparation of annual financial statements

Preparation of group financial statements

Company valuation

Advisory services in connection with acquisition and divestment of companies


Advisory services in connection with liquidation



Financial accounting



Payroll accounting



Fiduciary services




Execution wills
(within the scope of fiduciary services rendered by public auditors)



Other fiduciary services



Dr. Schreiber&Partner Treuhand GmbH


Colonnaden 41

20354 Hamburg

fon: + 49 (0) 40

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